52 Crafts

My goal is to make 52 crafts this year… that’s one per week, folks!  Some are big, others are small, some require sewing, and others rely only on my handy glue gun.  I don’t intend to stick to just one a week, so there might be weeks when I make more than one, and other weeks that go by craft-less.  Check back here to see the updated list, complete with links to each as I make them!

1. Beaded wrap bracelet
2. Polo shirt refashion
3. Infinity scarf
4. Knitted earwarmer
5. Fabric flower headbands/hairties
6. Lace headband
7. Fabric headband
8. Embroidery hoop decor
9. Vinyl record bowls
10. Nail and string state map
11. Crayon art on canvas
12. Mini polaroid magnets
13. Felt or paper garland
14. Tile coasters
15. Chalk-paint mason jars
16. Embelished journal
17. Fabric tote
18. Calendar
19. Glitter purse
20. Button bracelet
21. Mini scrapbook
22. Collage journal
23. Fused plastic bag wallet
24. Decorated Toms
25. Print on burlap
26. Bottle cap magnets
27. Newspaper gift bags
28. Ruffle shirt
29. Decorated hat
30. – 52. ??

If you want a sneak peak at some of these, check out my Pinterest page where I have collected a bunch of ideas!


10 thoughts on “52 Crafts

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