Craft #9: Fabric Flower Headbands

When I first got hooked on craft blogs last year, it was because I was trying to find tutorials on how to make fabric flowers.  I had recently purchased some hair ties with fabric rosettes on them, and realized that I could probably recreate them… so I did!  I wanted to expand my collection to some headbands, but the flowers themselves are adaptable to many projects… I’ve seen them on canvas, picture frames, shirts… you can really add them to anything.

You’ll need:

  • Fabric cut in 3/4-1 inch wide strips (varying the length changes the size of the rosette, I usually make mine 8-12″)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Small piece of felt
  • Headband

Start by hot-gluing your fabric in half (hotdog style!) on one end.

Applying hot glue to the outside, curl the fabric in on itself and twist the end into a ball.

This part takes some practice.  Twist the fabric as you wrap it around itself, hot gluing it in place.

Hot glue to secure the end and trim any remaining fabric.

Let’s try another!  Hot glue that end…

Twist it around…

I use lots of hot glue as I add layers.  Don’t burn yourself!

Once you’ve assemble all the flowers you desire, measure a piece of complementary felt.  This goes on the underside of the flowers once they’re on the headband.

Liberally applying glue, attach your flowers to the headband.  I used one of those stretchy headbands.

Glue the felt onto the underside and trim edges.

You’re done!  Don’t put it on until the hot glue dries though.

I made another one using a hard plastic headband, which works just as well.

Take that, 52 crafts!


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