Craft #7: Decorated Toms

Toms are wonderful: they’re comfy, trendy, and buying them supports a great cause.  I heard Blake Mycoskie, the founder of Toms, speak at UVA a few years ago and really wanted to buy a pair after that.  I finally did last April, and wore them religiously throughout the spring and during my summer in India.

Unfortunately due to all their love and use, my grey Toms became a little frayed around the edges and developed a pinky-toe sized hole on one side… sad day.  So I decided to patch them up, to make them crafty and also functional again.

I don’t have a step by step picture tutorial to go along with this, but here is what I did… first, I cut out the shape of my patch, along with a matching sized piece of fusible interfacing, which I ironed onto the patch.  The interfacing makes the patch thicker and more durable.  Then I just hand stitched the patch on!  It was a lot more difficult than I thought… Toms are made out of pretty thick material.  Use a thimble!

I was originally going to add something to the other shoe, but this one patch was sort of difficult so I decided to wait a bit.  We’ll see what I add in the future 🙂

I am a bit behind, but only 45 more to go!


One thought on “Craft #7: Decorated Toms

  1. I like these! One of the girls on SAS had the same problem and she also sewed on a patch. After that, she started embroidering the flag of each country that we visited around the bottom of her shoe. It turned out really cool! You guys make me want to get toms just so I can decorate them 🙂

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