Craft #6: Button Bracelet

I finally got around to digging through the goldmine of my grandmother’s button collection which she gave to me over winter break.  She suggested this craft, which was something she’d seen for sale at a craft show.

You’ll need buttons… big ones and small ones.  I went with a purple, blue, teal, white, and grey theme.  Decide which ones you want to layer and what order you’d like them on your bracelet.

Cut a piece of thin elastic to a little bit longer than the size of your wrist.  You’ll want to snug so that it doesn’t slide around your arm, but not too tight so that it’s stretched out.

Lastly you’ll need a few small beads to go on top of the buttons.  Try not to spill yours all over the floor like I did…

Start by sewing the larger bottom button in place.  For each base button, I sewed it on two or three times before adding the next button.

Add the second button to the top and sew it on a few times as well.  Next, sew your bead onto the top (make sure it fits through the needle first… I had to switch needles on the first button because I didn’t think of that first :-))


Continue to sew buttons on, making sure that they touch when the elastic is lying flat.

Leave space on either end and sew the two ends together before adding the last button on top of the overlapping portion

I am most definitely going to wear this to work… the elementary school girls will love it.  Craft #6, check… 46 more to go.

This past week was my first full week of work, and I really loved it.  I spend the morning and early afternoon in the office, doing work to get ready for the spring break service project that Abundant Life hosts, and then in the afternoons I help with the tutoring program at a local elementary school.  It’s been fun to get to know my coworkers as well as the kids at tutoring, and I’m looking forward to spending more time with them over the next six months.


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