Craft #4: Decoupage, y’all

A few days ago, I made craft #4, a decoupage collage journal.

Here’s what you’ll need:

I did not do a terrific job of documenting this project, but it is quite simple.  First, cut out the items you would like to use in the collage.  I used pictures from catalogs and magazines, but you can use anything.

I decided to cover my journal with brown paper first (an old paper bag, hooray for recycling!) , which I glued onto the cover and wrapped around and glued to the inside.

I covered the spine separately so that it would fold better.

Next, arrange your pictures and glue them down.

I got most of these from the Anthropologie catalog, thus the random hipster objects and OWLS 🙂

Getch’yo Mod Podge ready!

Paint on a coat or two of Mod Podge.  Wait for it to dry between coats.  This step takes a lot of trust… it looks awful, but it will dry clear! (hopefully…)

Ta-da!  A decoupage journal.  It may be a little wrinkly, but that adds character and it will harden and smooth out over time.

Oooowl hello there.

Thanks for your patience with my sporadic posts!  I’ve been hanging out with my new beau (my new iPhone :-)) and finding a spectacular job, which I will update you on soon!


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