Craft #3: Bottle Cap Picture Magnets

A few days ago I made some photo magnets using bottle caps.  This is so simple, and great for college students who have these sorts of… supplies… lying around.  I found this idea here and of course, Pinned it 🙂

First, paint the inside of your bottle caps with 2 coats of white paint.

Next you need to print and cut out your photos.  Make them small… the bottle caps are about 1″ in diameter, so you can determine how much of the picture you would like to be in the magnet.  I made the mistake of using regular printer paper because I was out of photo paper… do not do that!  Use photo paper so that the glue does not make the ink bleed later.

At first I used a fancy scrapbook circle cutter but it wasn’t working  well, so I ended up tracing a quarter on the back of the picture and cutting them out by hand.

Spread some glue on the inside of the bottle cap, and stick the photo circle on.

My little helper!

Lastly, you just need to glue magnets onto the back of them.  You can buy circular magnets or magnet strips at a craft store, but I went the cheap route and cut up an existing advertising magnet we had on our fridge.

3 down, 49 to go!


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