Fresh Start

Though only three weeks old, this blog needs a facelift.  I’m already bored with it, I can’t imagine how all three of my readers feel.  I realize that no one wants to read my daily doings and I’m not really contributing anything by just posting pictures of the random crafts I make.  SO I have come up with a purpose.  Not a very grand one, but a purpose nonetheless.  Cue the fireworks…

I will be making 52 crafts this year and posting them here, with pictures, instructions, and my charming wit filling the screens of your computers.

Now that I have scared away half of the people that read my blog (goodbye, men!) here is the beginning of my list of 52 crafts.  Some are ones that I have made before but would like to try again.  Most (so far) are borrowed ideas I have found on Pinterest, Craftgawker, and other craft blogs.  I have left a lot of blank space in order to dream up or discover more ideas, rather than limit myself at the beginning of the year.

1. Beaded wrap bracelet
2. Polo shirt refashion
3. Infinity scarf
4. Knitted earwarmer
5. Fabric flower headbands/hairties
6. Lace headband
7. Fabric headband
8. Embroidery hoop decor
9. Vinyl record bowls
10. Nail and string state map
11. Crayon art on canvas
12. Mini polaroid magnets
13. Felt or paper garland
14. Tile coasters
15. Chalk-paint mason jars
16. Embelished journal
17. Fabric tote
18. Calendar
19. Glitter purse
20. – 52. ??

I’m also open to suggestions!  If you want to see something or learn to make something, leave a comment and I’ll see what I can do.


2 thoughts on “Fresh Start

  1. I am especially looking forward to the glitter purse. Would you please delight some of your engaged friends by posting a few wedding-themed crafts? I need some inspiration for favors and table numbers. (I mean I am already planning on gifting my bridesmaids with a glitter purse, if you post that how-to before October 13th.)

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