Look What I Made, Ma!

My winter break thus far has involved a lot of crafting.  Well, a little crafting and a lot of craftdreaming (I have my new Pinterest account to blame…)

My first craft was a neck pillow for my grandmother.  I used this tutorial, but skipped the patchwork because I didn’t have enough time.  Unfortunately it did not turn out as nice as I would have hoped (i.e., it looked like a small child made it).

Next on my agenda were some gift tags I had been wanting to make for a while, but required a sewing machine.  I found the idea here, and apparently she took the idea from Anthropologie.

I am kind of cheating by putting up this last one since I didn’t seek this one out, but it is a craft and I did make it!  I went to a “Christmas morning tea party” which was as great as it sounds.  It was a reunion of sorts for the girls’ Bible study at my home church (also know as Really Cool Girls’ Bible Study, or RCGBS for short, which yes, we coined), including current high school girls, past members, and young women from the church, and naturally we made a craft.

That’s all for now, but get excited for some more heavy-duty crafts in the next few weeks.  I am just getting the sewing machine warmed up!  Gotta take advantage of that beauty while I’m home.


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