Brig O’ Doon

Today I spent the day in Brig O’ Doon Coffee House in lovely Ottsville, PA.  Because Center Valley is not exactly the most hipster of places, there is a severe lack of coffee shops aside from Starbucks, and so Emily and I had to travel over a half hour away to find this oasis of tranquility.  It was the perfect spot for us to work on our respective applications, and of course, catch up on life!  I had a flavored coffee, recommended by Heather… Jamaican Me Crazy, which has hints of cinnamon, rum, and pecan.  For lunch I had the baked potato soup, which came with garlic-y bagel chips… yummmm.

Tonight I made dinner for my family… vegan chili and sautéed kale (random aside… I just typed ‘sautéed’ into google and this came up… I thought it was a joke at first but then realized it wasn’t.  Keep Rudolph away!)  Anyway, it was definitely a new experience for them, but I think they liked it (enough to politely finish it, at least).  This is a big step for a family that think macaroni and cheese casserole is a well-balanced meal.  For dessert, Dan, Julie and I drove 15 minutes to Chick Fil A for free milkshakes, only to discover that sweet deal ended at 5 pm.

Sorry… no craft update today.  I am almost finished with my Fellows application, and tomorrow I’m, like, going to like, the maaaaah-ll.


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