Winter Break

Hello, world!  (That’s how they suggested I start.)  What better way to start my winter break than with a brand new blog?

I want to start by acknowledging Greg for not only recommending WordPress, but also aiding in the formation of this delightfully apt and ironic blog name.  “Aslothlikestate” is a tribute to my most recent obsession, sloths, as well as my ongoing battle with slothiness.

To combat slow-moving laziness over the winter break life break I have, as a graduate of UVA, I have several goals that I am going to write here so that the World Wide Web can keep my accountable:

  • Read books (I have many, but I am too lazy to get out of bed at the moment and get them)
  • Make crafts (The past few weeks of surfing craft blogs rather than studying will not be forgotten!)
  • Cook food (Specifically, Indian food that I have yet to make.  And maybe some baked goods)
  • Spend time with family and friends (duuuh.)
  • Run (Begin my training for the potential 10-miler or half-marathon that will happen this spring)

I realize that those are very vague, but that is most likely because this is the latest I have been up in a while.  I am officially old, folks…


2 thoughts on “Winter Break

  1. Mwahaha thanks for the shout out. I’m also a huge fan of that “this is a sloth” photo. Sloths for the win. Also, was your non-English word “slothiness” purposeful? It’s “slothfulness” in proper diction…

  2. I love you dear Amie! I am so excited that I discovered your blog just now. You are adorable. And Trinity Fellows app?? Exciting! Let’s Skype soon so you can tell me about that. Love, Lisa

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